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This is Holdit

You find us in a small west coast city in Sweden called Varberg. In a city where the ocean is the closest neighbor and the nature is a natural part of the society and our daily work. This is the place we have called home since 2004.

We can just look out from our office window and see the ocean to get a reminder of our legacy and who we are. Our products are the result of those ideas and visions and our genuine commitment to craftmanship.

Holdit exists to create stylish accessories with attention to details and quality, affordable for everyone.

We are a fast growing company towards to become one of Europe’s leading names in high-end fashion mobile accessories. With a sense of design, quality and sustainability, we create genuine relationships all over the world.

Every company has their own story and this is ours.

Read more about how we manage our business in our Code Of Conduct.