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In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone and completely changed our relationship to smartphones, the Internet and how we interact with others. The standard mobile phone became smart and a natural part of daily life. This is what gave birth to Holdit – to simplify our digital life and introduce a touch of personality. Thanks to carefully selected suppliers and designers and relying on e cient logistics solutions, Holdit o ers a range with continuous product updates that respect the user requirements on design and function.

Holdit is supported by Proove – a family enterprise with long-established roots on the Swedish west coast, where basic values such as simplicity and informality permeate how we interact both in business and daily life. Over 20 years, Proove has become an established supplier of illu- mination products and electric and electronic solutions for smart homes.



Today Holdit is the leading supplier in Scandinavia in its market segment and enjoys increasing growth in inter- national markets. Together we create unique products and venture into new exciting business prospects.

Welcome to Holdit.