Highlights from 2020

» Reduction of plastic waste
During the last years we have analysed how to reduce the plastic in our product packaging. In 2018 we made the first larger change with the removal of 474 kg plastics from our packaging and in 2019 we reduced another 204 kg. The plastic that remains in our packaging is made of PE-plastic*.

» Vegan approved
During 2020 we produced vegan-friendly products up to 99,77%. We are proud to have an assortment with such high percentage of vegan-friendly products, which were approved by PETA** in 2020.

» Responsible distribution
In 2019 we opened a new warehouse in China to decrease our transportation all over the world. From this warehouse we can distribute all over Asia and therefore lower our carbon emissions. To distribute our products to the Swedish warehouse we increased transpor- tations by train during the year. We are aware that every transport is of high importance to the environment and it is our responsibility to use the better alternative.