Holdit X Nicole Falciani | Designsamarbete med Nicole | Designade skal

Nicole Falciani X Holdit

We’re proud to introduce a design collab with the influencer, writer and designer Nicole Falciani.

Let us take you on a journey to Nicole’s Italian roots. The place where sunny sun owers are waving on the elds, where the water is crystal blue and the beaches are dreamy. This collection represents her favorite things about her legacy.

We give you a little piece of her Italy.

Follow Nicole to the long fields in Tuscany. To the fields where sunflowers are waving in the wind and gets warmed up by the Italian sun. Tuscany Fields is the phone case that gives you a little piece of summer and an invitation to the lovely Tuscany.

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With the same color as sand, the silicone phone case Sienna Beige takes you to the Italian beaches. The sober color gives a feeling of warmth, beach life and sunny dreams. A stylish shade that breathes summer.

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Crystal clear water, cooling waterfalls and salty waves from the Mediterranean sea. The Mediterranean Waves case is inspired by ocean waves and the dramatic structure. Come along and join Nicole for a dip.


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