Our contribution to the environment is never ending and our goal in 2020 was to remove all plastic from our packaging. How did it go?

» E-commerce packaging
We have been investigating different types of materials and solutions and we have found our match. During 2020 we introduced our new e-commerce packaging in 100% sustainable paper.

» Shipping packaging
During 2021 we are doing a big change in all of our product transportation packages. We will reduce the amount of plastic that the products are packed with during transportation. The remaining plastic will be replaced with recycled plastic and we will exchange the paperboxes into a more sustainable choice.

» Product packaging
During the last years we have been analysing how to reduce the plastic in our product packa- ging. In 2018 we made the first larger change with the removal of 474 kg plastics from our packaging. And in 2019 we reduced another 204 kg of plastics. The plastic that remains
in our packaging is made of PE-plastic, but at the first part of 2021, the goal is to remove 98% of all plastics from our products and the remaining 2% will be recycled plastic. Starting 2021 we are investing in paper that comes with FSC* certification.