People and human rights

All the way through our business we rely on people. We rely on everyone in the chain of making our product a responsible item to own. We work in a global supply chain and sometimes we are challenged with the difficulty for respect and knowledge of human rights. We always strive to make a positive impact where we meet the challenges. We believe that not just seeing the difficulties, but also the possibilities, and taking action in the entire chain is of great value.

Thanks to our own office in China, since 15 years, we can keep a local presence and work closely with our manufactures. Our focus has always been to engage with our business partners. Because of our engagement within CSR*, our factories and partners must go through our audit, with over 600 checkpoints, and complete with a good result in order to work with us.

If they are under our approval grade, we help them by engaging and giving knowledge to improve their standards. When they meet our high expectations, they will be able to be a part of our production chain.

Some of the checkpoints are the working conditions, safety for the staff, working hours, age requirements and more. All for the best of human rights. We always pay attention to new and rising human rights risks. Therefore we do our best to update our policies when needed and spreading the word to be as involved as we possibly can.