Swedish design – Holdit

Swedish design

At Holdit we believe that it’s the details that count.  The right accessories brighten up the mundane, give structure to your sense of style and boost your identity – or bring about change. Holdit designs its own collections with lifestyle accessories tailor-made to the mobile life with new technology and altered social habits. We ourselves and our location on the west coast of Sweden are our starting point. We are inspired by the laid-back beach life, invigorating training sessions and the latest playlists.



We listen to our friends, chat about life and celebrate when given the opportunity. We travel the globe, from city to city, from beach to beach. Make a stopover in the unknown and start expeditions great and small. We turn the details over in our minds, carefully scrutinise materials, follow trends and test new features. We then transform this commitment and creativity into new collections with accessories for life and items we love.