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A trip to Tokyo became the start of something new. It created a spark that resulted in a collection that tested our boundaries. We call it Tokyo. The collection consists of five statement products with designs inspired by architectural elements and where the contrasts between traditional and modern blend together naturally.

The monochrome colour palette of the products create a modern, luxurious impression, while the contrasts between the matte and glossy surface simultaneously result in a stylish look. We have moved away from and challenged traditional production techniques and instead created innovative products with a three-dimensional structure and design. Fashion and architecture: Tokyo provides the best of both worlds.

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TOKYO – Black

Frame: Midnight black design and embossed graphic lines. Black Frame creates a mix of architectural elements and a modern structure.

Lush: Move your fingers over Lush and feel the black curve of the 3-dimensional surface take shape. A unique design where the light paints an illusion of matte and shiny shapes.

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TOKYO – Maroon

Frame:  The combination of burgundy and prominent intersecting lines make up Frame Maroon. A stylish shell with a lightly shimmering surface.

Lush: The irregular 3D-structure plays with the illusion of matte and shiny shapes. The architectural elements are reflected in the burgundy-coloured structure of the shell with its lightly shimmering surface.

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TOKYO – Taupe

Frame: A soft shade of taupe and embossed graphic lines. Taupe Frame creates a mix of architectural elements and a modern structure.

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