In an everyday life we all need transportation
– for example by car, bicycle or subway. As well do our products from the factories to our customers. Together with our forwarders we make the best possible choice to transport our products with as small amount of carbon dioxide as we can. To be able to reduce the carbon footprint our buyers plan a long time ahead before shipping, so that we can use train solutions instead of air freight. This internal focus and our close relationship with our forwarders, who understand our mission to reduce our footprint, give us the possibility to make a difference.

During 2020 we increased our shipping with train to reduce our carbon footprint and to decrease our transportation all over the world we also opened a new warehouse in China during 2019. From this warehouse we can distribute all over Asia and therefore lower our carbon emissions.

With this said, we have an agenda that will strive to improve our way of transporting our products and by that lower our carbon dioxide footprint.