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    Watch Bracelet

  • There are many who have discovered the advantages of an Watch. In the same way that the mobile got more functions and became like a small computer we could carry in our pocket, the smartwatch has taken it a step further. Now we can carry a mobile in mini format on our arm.

  • An Watch Band is a necessity for you to be able to wear the watch on your arm, which makes it the most obvious accessory for your smartwatch. Our popular silicone range has received a new addition in the form of wristbands specifically for the Watch. You simply click your Watch bracelet to the watch and can then be sure that it is in place. The soft silicone in the bracelets sits comfortably against the skin and is sweat and water repellent, which makes it suitable for e.g. the training session. Of course, it fits just as well on other occasions. To match our other range, we have produced Watch band in five of our most popular colours. You can therefore combine an entire kit with both bracelets and e.g. cases for mobile, AirPods, laptop or Ipad and get everything in the same color.

  • The bracelets come in two different sizes. A smaller one that fits Watch 38, 40 and 41 and a slightly larger one that fits Watch 42, 44 and 45. You can easily adjust the length of the silicone band so that it fits your wrist perfectly. A smartwatch can be exposed to a lot of wear and tear during a day's use, and in order not to risk scratching the display, we can recommend our practical screen protectors for the Watch. The glass protects the screen and has a grease-repellent surface that also minimizes smudges and fingerprints. These come in six different sizes so that the fit is perfectly adapted to the watch. Find accessories for Watch at Holdit.