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Wallet Case iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case

  • We at Holdit offer three different types of iPhone 12 Pro Max wallet case. All three have the purpose of protecting your mobile in the best way. What differentiates them are certain functions and its appearance. Slim Flip has a slim fit and with the help of a smart folding function you can tilt your phone if you want to watch a movie or video, for example. In our Slim Flip case, there is room for only one payment card, unlike the Wallet Case Magnet, where there is room for three payment cards. Another big difference between wallet case slim flip and our wallet case magnet is that there is a magnetic system. This magnetic system allows you to easily detach the inner mobile case from the case itself when needed. This feature is not available in the Slim flip. Find a case that is functional and stylish

  • As with all our other cases, we always recommend buying a screen protector to get the best possible protection. We offer several different types of screen protectors, all made of strong and durable 9-H glass. It is important that you protect your phone to the fullest in order to have a longer life on it. By using a screen protector and a wallet case, you have protected your phone in the absolute best way and thus minimize the risk of unnecessary repair costs.

  • Personalize your wallet case iPhone 12 Pro Max. Buy one of our stickers to spice up your belongings. Our stickers are easy to put directly on your computer or attach to your mobile phone case. We have recently launched our letter stickers which really allow you to have a personal expression. Common to all our wallet cases is that they are made of the completely vegan and durable material PU. The cases are available in several different shades so that everyone can find one that suits their personal style. Mix and match freely.