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    Screen Protector

  • Find tempered glass iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and more at Holdit.

    It's not just the back of the phone that needs protection with a case; the screen is equally important to keep intact. We've all experienced the panic of dropping our mobile on the ground and possibly being met with a shattered screen, but with a tempered glass, you don't have to worry as much anymore. Replacing a shattered display is expensive, and by using a screen protector, you reduce the risk of scratches and wear. It's a smart investment that keeps your mobile intact for longer. Our tempered glass are thin and don't affect the touch function

  • Only 0.33mm thick, easy to apply and minimizes the risk of scratches and damage.

    Our screen protectors also have an oil-repellent treatment that minimizes fingerprints and stains. Since they're ultra-thin, they're handy to use and apply without any bubbles. The glass on our tempered glass is also rated 9H, which is one of the strongest and most durable on the market.

    To apply the protector, first clean your screen with the included wet wipe. Once the screen is dry, simply peel off the plastic around the protector, hold it gently by the edges, and then place it in the desired position on the mobile screen. Then press a fingertip in the middle of the screen until the air under the protector has completely disappeared and you have a smooth and neat surface. Now your screen is protected and ready to use!

  • In our range, we have several varieties of tempered glass. For a thin and smooth feel, there are transparent glasses with and without frames. These cover most of the display and provide good protection against scratches. Our 3D glasses follow the outer edge of the mobile screen for full coverage. In addition, there are tinted privacy glasses that reduce the risk of prying eyes and smart screen protector for mobile cameras. Order your new screen tempered glass from holdit.com today! Did you know we also offer free shipping? Like all our deliveries, yours is climate-compensated. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a tempered glass today!