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    Wallet Cover

  • Are you looking for something practical and stylish for your phone? Then you've come to the right place. Our wallet cases are as trendy as they are functional. With space for your cards, you can skip the wallet and have everything with your phone. We have various designs, with different functionalities, so you can be sure there's something that suits you. With a magnetic case, you can easily switch between using just the phone case and the complete wallet case. Using magnets, the phone case easily attaches to the wallet and is just as easily removed by pulling the case away from the pouch. We have this model in several different colors, so you can find something that suits you.

  • With our standard wallet case, the case is instead attached to the wallet for a more secure grip. Place your cards in the case to consolidate everything you need in one place. Or why not use a case with multiple compartments that has an extra pocket for those with many cards. If you'd rather have a more flexible wallet case, the Slim flip cases might be for you. With a card slot on the inside, you always have your most important card with you, and the smart design allows you to use the case as a mobile stand. Protect your phone in a trendy way by buying this case in one of the hottest colors right now. With us at Holdit, you can be sure to find something that fits you. We have many different models and colors for you.

  • We place great emphasis on combining both function and trend so you never have to compromise. At the same time, sustainability is an important factor, and our wallet cases are eco-friendly and always made of 100% vegan materials. In addition to practical wallet cases, we also offer a wide range of cases and covers for AirPods and laptops. Combine with a screen protector to protect the front of your phone from scratches and dirt. We have everything you need to keep your phone and accessories trendy and intact.