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iPhone 13 Pro Max Hoesje

Hoesje iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • At Holdit you will find a wide range of mobile phone accessories and mobile phone cases in the season's best colours. We think it should be easy and fun to take care of your phone. It also goes without saying that you should never have to choose between the shell being protective or trendy when you can get both. For many, the mobile phone is a constant companion and regardless of whether you prefer to carry it in your hand, pocket or bag, you are right to protect it with an iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case.

  • For a thinner fit and feel, we have silicone shells in a variety of trendy colors so you can vary according to your mood or style. Why not make sure to match the phone case with your outfit for a complete look? The advantage of silicone covers is that they cover the entire phone and thus also protect the volume buttons and edges. The silicone also means that the shell is very easy to grip and you get a good grip on your phone. The raised frame around the camera eye provides extra protection for the mobile camera. In addition to silicone cases, there are also iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Case Seethru. These shells have slightly thicker edges and are thus also more impact resistant. Like the silicone shell, this shell also covers the volume buttons and edges. The transparent shades show off your mobile's stylish design. Choose between earthy and colorful colors. We also offer cases iPhone 13 Pro Max Slim Case, this is a mobile case that is ultra thin. The shell has a matte surface and has a harder material. Just like our other covers, they cover the buttons. This case is perfect for those who like to keep their mobile phone in their jeans pocket and want a thin, flexible but at the same time good protection.

  • For comprehensive protection, we recommend that you complement your Phone Case iPhone 13 Pro Max with a screen protector. Holdit has several variants of screen protectors, choose between full coverage, transparent, screen protectors with privacy glass or anti blue light. Feel free to add a colorful card holder to your case so you can take your bank cards and mobile phone with you at the same time. The card holder is not only functional but gives your phone a stylish look. Discover Holdit's wide range of mobile accessories and find your favourites!