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iPhone 12 Pro Hoesje

Hoesje iPhone 12 Pro

  • At Holdit, we offer several variants of iPhone 12 Pro Phone Case to choose from so that you can find one that suits you and your needs. Because today we use mobile phones more than ever and for most people the case is a given accessory for the phone. Covers are used today not only to protect your handset, but it is also a really nice detail that can lift your whole outfit. The Phone Case iPhone 12 Pro helps protect the phone from wear and scratches and gives it a new look that you can vary as needed.

  • So which phone case should you choose? Among our top sellers, we have the thin silicone cases that are available in all the trendy colors of the season. The design is designed to wrap and cover the entire mobile and therefore molds to both volume buttons and edges. In this way, the risk of the phone getting unnecessary scratches or damage is reduced while you retain the smooth feel. The case is also very easy to grip and fits well in your hand. If you are instead looking for a more minimalistic and durable iPhone 12 Pro Phone Case, there are our Seethru cases with a thicker bumper edge, designed to protect your mobile a little extra. The tinted shades on the case let your phone stand in focus. We attach great importance to combining both function and trend so that you never have to compromise.

    Looking for a simple and flexible phone case? Then we have the perfect phone case for you, namely our Slim Case. The phone case is exactly as it sounds, thin and flexible. This phone case is made of a hard material and is not as soft as our silicone case. The case is 1mm thin and provides comprehensive protection. A perfect cover for those who like to have their mobile phone in their jeans pocket and want a cover with a matte surface.

  • Regardless of which type of case suits you best, all our mobile cases are compatible with wireless charging, which means that you can easily charge your mobile on a wireless charger without having to remove the case. At the same time, durability is an important factor and our cases are environmentally friendly and always made from 100% vegan materials. To protect your entire mobile in the best way, we recommend that you supplement your Phone Case iPhone 12 Pro mobile with a glass screen protector. Choose between full coverage, transparent or screen protection with privacy glass. All our screen protectors have the designation 9H, which is one of the strongest and most durable glass on the market. Give your new phone case a personal touch by adding stickers. Buy a matching Laptop case or AirPods case and make your look complete.