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Hoesje iPhone 13 Pro

  • At Holdit you will find a large range of mobile accessories and accessories that are compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro. Today, the mobile phone is a faithful companion that most people carry with them most of the time. We are also constantly looking for ways to express our personal style by experimenting with clothing, fashion and accessories. A mobile phone case is something you can vary according to mood, outfit and occasion. If you haven't decided which iPhone 13 Pro Phone Case to choose, we hope you will find a new favorite at Holdit. If you like the clean look, we have impact-resistant TPU cases in several trendy colors. For a slimmer fit, there is a wide range of silicone iPhone 13 Pro Phone Case. The silicone case has become one of our most popular product categories and always follows the season's trends and colors. If, on the other hand, you want a hard case made of 100% recycled hard plastic, our Slim Cases are for you. They have a smooth surface that easily slides into the pocket. Available in our most popular colors.

  • In addition to classic mobile covers, we also have a wide range of covers and cases for Airpods and laptops. Enhance your personal style by purchasing a matching set or mix and match as you like. We also know that it is easy to get scratches or cracks on the mobile screen and it is just as boring every time. To protect your entire mobile in the best way, we therefore recommend that you supplement your Phone Case iPhone 13 Pro with a glass screen protector. Choose between full coverage, transparent or screen protection with privacy glass. All our screen protectors have the designation 9H, which is one of the strongest and most durable on the market.

  • We have everything you need to keep your mobile and accessories trendy and whole. Our Phone Case iPhone 13 Pro are carefully designed based on the season's trends and we let the design and color of the cover become part of your personal style. We always offer free and climate-compensated shipping to all our customers. The delivery time is only 2-5 working days. Find your favorite today!