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iPhone 14 Pro Hoesje

Hoesje iPhone 14 Pro

  • The iPhone 14 Pro is the latest Pro phone from Apple. Here you will find Phone Case iPhone 14 Pro and several other protective and stylish products for your phone. Most of us use our cell phones more and more frequently. It is therefore important to keep it protected against wear and tear and scratches whether you prefer to carry your phone in your hand, pocket or bag. The easiest way to do this is to use a phone case. We have several models and variants of Phone Case iPhone 14 Pro so you can vary according to the occasion or personal style.

  • If you want a thinner iPhone 14 Pro Phone Case, you should check out the silicone cases. These are only 0.8mm thick and the soft silicone wraps around your entire phone for complete protection. Silicone as a material also contributes to your phone being more grip-friendly, which means you don't have to worry about your phone slipping out of your hand or pocket. Something that is otherwise easy to happen if you do not use a mobile case. Do you want a case that has the same slim fit as our silicone cases but in a hard material instead? Then we think you should check out our Slim Case. Our Slim Case is made from 100% recycled PC plastic. PC as a material also does not provide the same friction as the surface of a silicone case, which means that the cases are easier to get into your pocket, for example.

  • When you choose an Phone Case iPhone 14 Pro from Holdit, you can be sure to get a well-designed product where sustainability has been in focus throughout the process. In our iPhone 14 Pro Phone Case, you will find recycled materials that are kinder to the environment. The silicone cases contain recycled silicone and our clear Seethru cases contain recycled TPU plastic. Of course, all our cases are easy to clean, just wash them with soap and water and they'll be as good as new.