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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Hülle

Skal Samsung S22 Ultra

  • Find your new Phone Case Samsung S22 Ultra and lots of other mobile accessories at Holdit. No matter what style or phone model you have, there is guaranteed to be something in our wide range that will appeal. Mobile covers are no longer just a product that protects your phone. With a Holdit phone case, you also give the mobile a completely new look that you can easily vary according to need and mood. Add a pop of color to your outfit or match the phone with the handbag. The possibilities are many and only your creativity and style decide which phone case that is right for you.

  • Here you will find thin Samsung S22 Ultra Phone Case in several colors. What the cases have in common is that they are made of soft silicone to thus surround the entire phone and protect both buttons and edges. The ultra-thin fit means that the case does not feel bulky, but retains the slim feeling that the Samsung S22 Ultra has. Few people appreciate a scratched phone, so keep your precious phone intact and looking good with a silicone case. The slightly rough surface makes the case very grippy and comfortable to hold in the hand. If you've ever had your phone slip out of your pocket by accident, you'll definitely appreciate that the surface of the case has a little more friction. It is the perfect cover for those who often have their mobile close at hand.

  • To make it feel good to buy your Phone Case Samsung S22 Ultra from Holdit, we focus a lot on durability. Our products are completely vegan and a large part of the range is made from recycled material. In addition, we almost exclusively use paper instead of plastic in our packaging and the shipping to you as a customer is climate compensated.