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Hülle Galaxy S23

Samsung S23 Case

  • Do you have a Galaxy S23? Then we have the perfect phone case for you. Our trendy phone cases are designed to provide your phone with the ultimate protection while still looking stylish. The material is made of 100% vegan-friendly silicone and has a silky and soft surface. In our range of cases, you'll find colors that suit different styles. How about a trendy lavender purple or Bright Pink? Or why not a Mocha Brown or Light Beige for a more classic choice. To complete the look, find accessories in the same color as your Samsung S23 Case.

    Don't miss out on our remaining range. You can, for example, find laptop cases and airpod cases in the same colors as Samsung s23 cases. Add a personal touch to your accessories. Stand out with a stylish phone case for your Samsung from Holdit, in the season's colors. Your phone is an important possession, and it's crucial to have something that protects it in the best way.

  • We carry our phones with us daily, and the screen is subjected to high wear and tear. We've all experienced unwanted scratches or cracks on the screen. This often results in expensive repair costs. It's not enough to protect the back with a Samsung s23 case. Therefore, at Holdit, we've developed various screen protectors. With a screen protector, you avoid scratches and cracks on your phone. So, don't hesitate to invest in one of our screen protectors. Thanks to the fingerprint-resistant coating on our screen protectors, there are no fingerprints on the glass.

    Our screen protectors with a black frame comprehensively cover your entire screen and seamlessly blend with the phone's design. All protectors also have a 9H certification, meaning they have the most durable and robust glass on the market. They are designed to fit your phone in the best possible way.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint and placing a significant focus on the environment is a priority for us, which is a common thread throughout the company.

    Every step in the process is scrutinized, and to make our impact on the environment and society as positive as possible, we do our utmost. For example, we use recycled material in most of our products and offset carbon emissions for all shipments.

    If you're looking for a Samsung S23 case that is both trendy and sustainable, you've come to the right place. Always free delivery and within 2-7 days. Pay easily with Swish or Klarna.