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iPhone 14 Plus Hülle

Hülle iPhone 14 Plus

  • One of the newest phone models from Apple is the iPhone 14 Plus, perfect for those who prefer the larger screens but don't want to buy the most expensive Pro Max. Here you will find the iPhone 14 Plus Case for all occasions. No matter what phone you have, it's important to take good care of it to extend its life. Keep your mobile free from scratches and dirt with a stylish and protective mobile cover from us at Holdit.

  • We have phond cases in a multitude of colors and stock up on news every season so you always have the opportunity to keep your mobile trendy. The time when the mobile phone was only a communication product is long gone. Today, we increasingly see our phones as accessories and as a given companion. Why not let it take its place and stand out with the help of a stylish exterior? With an iPhone 14 Plus, you must be creative and let the mobile become part of your outfit and style. Which one you should choose can of course be difficult to decide. The Silicone case is perfect when you want a thin and easy-to-grip case. These are not even a 1mm thick but still provide good protection, all while maintaining the slim feel of the phone. Our iPhone 14 Plus silicone cases are among the most popular products in our range. For those who do not like the idea of ​​hiding the appearance of the mobile phone completely, but still want a safe and shock-resistant protection, we can recommend transparent Seethru cases in recycled TPU. They come in several colors and really let the mobile stand in focus.

  • We are sure you can find a new favorite product at Holdit. Give all your possessions some love by, in addition to the iPhone 14 Plus, also look for accessories for AirPods, laptop, iPad or Apple Watch. Complete your cases with a screen protector or decorate them with stickers. You know what they say - only imagination sets the limits!