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iPhone 14 Pro Max Hülle

Hülle iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • In the past, the handbag or watch was perhaps the most important accessory for most people. Today, they have been joined by another product that we carry with us wherever we go, namely the mobile phone. For us at Holdit, it is a matter of course to let your phone take place and be displayed. The easiest way to do this is by giving it a nice exterior. We are of course talking about using a phone case. At Holdit you will find Phone Case iPhone 14 Pro Max for all occasions. The range includes cases that both protect your phone from scratches and dirt and make it a trendy accessory that matches your style.

  • Choose the silicone phone case if you want:

    - a soft and thin case

    - lots of colors to choose from

    - a grip-friendly case that won't slip out of your hand.

    Choose the Seethru phone case if you want:

    - a case with more shock absorption

    - transparent and tinted colors

    - a 100% recycled case

    Choose the Slim phone case if you want:

    - a simple and protective case

    - 100% recycled material

    - earthy, neutral colors

  • Make your outfit pop with a colorful silicone iPhone 14 Pro Max case. Our silicone family is constantly growing and each season brings new shades to fall in love with. If you prefer more earthy tones, check out cases in beige or brown and if you want to stand out a bit more, there are several strong shades of pink, blue or green.

    For those who want a little more shock-resistant protection, we have transparent cases we call Seethru. These phone cases are slightly thicker than the silicone cases without being bulky. The cases are made with recycled TPU plastic that is soft and pliable so they protect all edges and are easy to put on and take off the phone. Unlike our silicone iPhone 14 Pro Max cases, the TPU does not have the same rough finish, making them a little easier to carry in your pocket.

    Last, and perhaps least, we have the new Slim Case. This is a case that is as thin as the silicone case but in a harder format. The surface has less friction which makes it the perfect case for those who often carry their phone in their pocket.

    Whichever case suits you and your style, an Phone Case iPhone 14 Pro Max will always be a stylish and smart choice.