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iPhone 12 Pro Max Hülle

Hülle iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • If you are looking for an Phone Case iPhone 12 Pro Max for your mobile phone, you have come to the right place. Give your phone a new look with a stylish phone case from Holdit. We have mobile covers in several different colors so that you can find exactly what suits you.

    If you want comprehensive protection for your phone, take a look at our Seethru mobile covers made of colored transparent TPU plastic. The cases have a thicker edge that provides extra resistance against bumps and scratches that can otherwise easily occur. In this way, you can carry the mobile phone with you in your pocket or bag and be sure that the mobile phone is protected. Our best-selling silicone cases are thinner and mold to your phone around buttons and sockets. The case is designed in a thin design so as not to interfere with possible wireless charging. The silicone is easy to grip and reduces the risk of the phone slipping out of your hands. Perfect for those who often have their mobile close at hand.

  • Silicone cases are one of our most popular products

    - Soft and slim fit

    - Grip-friendly, matte surface

    - Resistant to scratches

    Seethru case in TPU is perfect when you want a little extra impact resistance

    - Slightly harder than the silicone shell

    - Shock-absorbing bumper edge

    - 100% recycled material

  • For us at Holdit, a mobile phone is not only a functional product, but also a chance to express one's creativity and fashion sense. Our range of stylish Phone Case iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed so that you can find just what suits you. We have several accessories that are both trendy and practical in stock, so get inspired and find your mobile accessories today. With our accessories, your phone becomes complete.

    Protect your phone with durable mobile covers