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    Seethru Phone Case

  • A phone case is an important addition to your phone to make it last a long time. By using a case, you protect the mobile phone from scratches, dirt and shocks that can otherwise result in tedious repairs. But in addition to acting as protection, we at Holdit think that mobile covers help to enhance the appearance of your phone. It can add a pop of color to your outfit or be matched with e.g. the purse or wallet for a uniform feel. If you are looking for protection that maintains the phone's stylish appearance, a phone case seethru is perfect for you. They come in several of our best-selling colors but in more toned and transparent shades so that the mobile takes center stage.

  • The edges of all phone case Seethru are reinforced with a harder bumper edge to provide increased impact resistance. In this way, you can be sure that your mobile is protected in all situations. The material in our Seethru phone case is mainly TPU and always completely vegan. In addition, we are proud that a lot of the material is recycled to have as little environmental impact as possible.

  • If you like our Seethru phone case and want to complement the covers with an AirPods case, these are also available in the same design and colors. Choose for yourself whether you want to match in the same color or be creative and find just your favorite combinations. To give your entire mobile optimal protection, we also recommend using a screen protector. Discover our range of tempered glass screen protectors and keep your belongings both trendy and whole! Buy your phone case Seethru today!