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    Leverans & Betalning

    Climate Compensation

    Compensating our past

    As a company, measuring our entire climate footprint remains a complex task. However, we recognize the importance of assessing and improving the aspects within our organization that can be analyzed to make a meaningful difference. Our ongoing objective is to minimize our impact and continually enhance our sustainability efforts.

    To offset emissions that are challenging to reduce, we continue to contribute to selected projects through Zero Mission and since 2021, we have compensated for 1,877 CO2.

    In 2022, we supported the Trees for Global Benefit project in Uganda, which is Plan Vivo certified. The Plan Vivo Standard ensures adherence to rules regarding carbon sequestration, emission reduction, and promotes socially and ecologically sustainable development for small farmers and natural areas.

    Regular validation and certification through independent control institutes such as the Rainforest Alliance maintain the project’s integrity.

    Plan Vivo is globally recognized and supported by numerous environmental and interest organizations. The trees planted in the Trees for Global Benefit project contribute to valuable ecosystems, providing resources like firewood, timber, and fruit while enhancing climate adaptation. This not only benefits the environment but also creates a safer living situation for the people of Uganda. Our commitment extends, and we aim to fully compensate for our total climate impact from 2025 onwards.

    Zero Mission, a hero.

    We are always striving to become the most responsible version of ourselves, which is why we measure our climate impact year by year. By doing this, we get to see where we have the biggest impact so that we can direct our focus to the parts within our organization that affect our climate the most. To help us with this great task, we have been working together with ZeroMission for the past few years.

    ZeroMission assists companies with climate strategies, climate calculations, and climate compensation. Their vision is to contribute to planetary benefits together with their customers and project partners.

    Together with ZeroMission, we collect all the data needed for the climate calculations, such as how much electricity is used and what types of emissions occur on our premises. We have collected data on the climate impact of each part of our production materials and the energy consumption of our production processes. The data also includes how much waste is produced during manufacturing, how we transport our goods, and the business trips made during the year.

    Efficient Stoves in Madagaskar

    Gold Standard

    The level of development on the island of Madagascar is generally low. As of today, 85% of the population still rely on open fire to cook their food, which is leading to the use of an extensive amount of wood. To reduce carbon emissions and counteract deforestation in Madagascar, efficient cookstoves and climate-friendly solar stoves are manufactured and distributed by the organisation ADES (Association pour le Développement de l’Energy Solaire)

    REDD + Nakau Pacific Islands

    Plan Vivo

    In this carbon offsetting project, ZeroMission are working to conserve 4610 ha of tropical forests that help to absorb atmospheric carbon, which has been emitted by human activity. Alongside carbon sequestration, these forests also provide flood defences and natural resources, such as clean drinking water for the people living there. The protection of these forests ensures a home to a variety of endangered species and safety for local people for generations to come.

    Trees for Global Benefit, Uganda

    Plan Vivo

    The Plan Vivo Standard contains rules regarding follow-up in terms of carbon sequestration and emission reduction, and ensures a socially and ecologically sustainable development for small farmers and natural areas. The trees planted in the Trees for Global Benefit-project provide valuable ecosystems and access to firewood, timber, fruit and increased climate adaptation, which creates a safer living situation for the people of Uganda.

    Upper Tana, Kenya

    Plan Vivo

    The project is run by the Upper Tana Nairobi Water Fund Trust (UTNWF) in northern Nairobi, Kenya, to manage erosion and pollution of drinking water. It collaborates with 170,000 smallholder farmers for land management in exchange for rewards. Measures include terracing, planting Napier grass for erosion control and as a protein source for livestock, as well as planting native trees for increased yield, biodiversity, and the possibility of carbon credits. Free seedlings are provided by the project.