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    Leverans & Betalning

    Our Goals


    We’ve categorized our goals into three segments: people, planet, and product. In this report, we detail the outcomes of our efforts across these key areas. 

    Goal 1 : Find an option of recycling of old products that customers want to exchange/throw away 


    In 2023, we launched the ”Holdit Recycling Loop” project to assess the recyclability of our products and develop a plan for integrating circular practices into our collection. While we didn’t reach a conclusion in 2023, we’re continuing the project in 2024 and aim to conclude by the end of Q2 

    Goal 2 : Produce 100% vegan products 


    We exclusively manufacture products that are 100% vegan, aligning with our commitment to cruelty-free and sustainable practices. 

    Goal 3 : 50% of all production material shall be recycled by 2023 


    In 2022, our objective was to incorporate 25% recycled materials into our products. We exceeded this goal by 3%. For 2023, we set an ambitious target to reach 50% recycled material in our products, aiming to drive significant progress. Regrettably, we fell short of this target. However, we take pride in achieving a 42% utilization of recycled materials, marking a notable 17% increase from 2022. 

    Goal 4 : We shall launch one more product category that is made with 100% recycled materials 


    In 2023, we introduced a groundbreaking Slim Case category crafted from 100% recycled materials, reflecting our dedication to sustainable innovation. 

    Goal 5 : We shall find an alternative to produce our stickers in recycled materials 2023 


    After several attempts, we’ve determined that currently, we have the optimal solution given the present circumstances. Moving forward, we aim to explore and develop an even more improved option for the upcoming year. 

    Goal 6 : 100% of our packaging shall be recycled/recyclable during 2023. 


    In 2023, we will conduct an overview of all our packaging and ensure that all packaging material is either recycled or can be recycled. 

    Goal 7 : Implement a transparency structure on holdit.com.


    In January 2024, we launched our new e-commerce platform, marking the first time we have the capabilities to establish this structure. 

    Goal 8 : Showcase our top 10 highest carbon emitting materials for 2023 on holdit.com 


    In January 2024, we launched our new e-commerce platform, marking the first time we have the capabilities to showcase these materials. We will therefore make this happen during this year, stay tuned!