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Screenprotector iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Screen Protector

  • We've probably all experienced dropping your mobile phone on the ground at some point and it landing with the screen down. The nervousness you feel before turning your phone over to see if it's cracked or not. With an iPhone 15 screen protector, you can feel safe. It helps protect the screen from scratches and dirt. Fixing a cracked screen can be an expensive repair cost, so invest in a screen protector iPhone 15 to avoid this fate.

    The advantages of a screen protector iPhone 15 are:

    • Easy to apply to your screen
    • The risk of scratches and damage is reduced
    • Thickness only 0.33 mm

    It is not only the back of the mobile phone that needs protection, but the screen is at least as important! Find your favorites today!

  • For your entire phone to be protected, we recommend making it complete with a mobile cover. You extend the life of your phone when you have all sides protected. Holdit has a wide range of mobile phone cases to choose from. Both mobile covers and iPhone 15 screen protectors are designed to fit well together. We at Holdit have developed a wide range of trendy mobile covers that follow all the colors of the season so that you can easily find one that suits you.

    Mix and match with the rest of our range. Why not a new laptop case in a trendy color or more neutral shades? Regardless, hopefully, you'll find something you like. If you place your order before 2 p.m., your order will be shipped the same day from our warehouse. Free shipping and climate-compensated deliveries are offered to your door. Flexible and durable.

  • First, clean your screen with the included wet wipe. You then pull off the plastic around the screen protector when your screen is dry. Now keep a firm grip around the edges and place the protector in the place you want, on the mobile screen.
    Finally, press with your index finger in the center of the screen to remove air bubbles and get a nice and smooth surface. Now that your screen is protected, it's ready to use.

    The variants of the iPhone 15 screen protector that we have are transparent with or without a black frame. Thin and flexible. They cover most of the screen. It is made of tempered glass with the designation 9H, which means that it is the strongest and most durable glass on the market.