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iPhone 11 Screenprotector

iPhone 11 Screen Protector

  • Let us present Screen Protector iPhone 11 from Holdit! We understand that your mobile phone is a personal part of your style and lifestyle. That's why we offer three different types of screen protectors to meet your unique needs and preferences.

    We have the Privacy glass, this screen protector not only protects your screen but also your privacy. With its polarized glass, you can't see into your screen from the side. This prevents curious eyes from snooping on your screen information and you can use your iPhone with complete security and confidence. For those who want an elegant look and a simpler design, we offer a full-screen protector with a black frame. This protection gives your iPhone 11 a stylish look while reducing the risk of scratches and damage. If you prefer a more discreet look, we also have a screen protector. This ultra-thin protector is almost invisible when applied to the screen, while providing good protection against possible scratches. You will barely notice the screen protector, while your iPhone 11 is safe and protected.

  • Regardless of which screen protector you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that they are made of strong and durable 9H glass. This means that your screen will be protected against everyday stresses and accidents. In addition, Screen Protector iPhone 11 is easy to apply and fits perfectly on your iPhone 11. Our screen protectors are completely vegan just like the rest of our product range. We are constantly working with sustainable development and reducing climate impact, these are areas that we hold close to our hearts. We apply this thinking and work in everything from production to shipping. We want you as a customer to shop from Holdit with a clear conscience.

  • Don't forget to protect the back of your mobile phone with a trendy mobile case. Also, check out the other products that we have in our range. We have everything from different laptop cases in lovely and trendy colors to matching AirPods cases for your wireless headphones. We are constantly updating our range with new colors and products that allow you to match your outfits. Make your iPhone 11 a personal statement that reflects you and your unique expression!

    So why wait? Protect your screen with an iPhone 11 Screen Protector from Holdit.