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Screenprotector iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector

  • Make a smart investment and extend the life of your phone with a Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro. So why should you use a screen protector? Many of us have at some point dropped our phone on the ground and had a few seconds of anxious uncertainty before knowing whether the screen has cracked or survived. Of course, a screen protector does not protect against everything, but we can guarantee that the risk of scratches and wear is reduced.

  • When you order an iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protector from us, you get everything you need to easily apply the glass. Exact instructions on how to do this are on the packaging, but briefly: Clean the screen with the included napkin, remove the plastic from the screen protector, and place it on the mobile screen. To remove any air bubbles, press the glass with your index finger. To prevent dust or dirt from adhering to the screen, we recommend doing this process as quickly as possible.

  • Our screen protectors are only 0.33 mm thick and therefore hardly noticeable. Of course, they also do not interfere with the touch function of the phone. For newer phone models such as the iPhone 14 Pro, we also have glass covers for the mobile camera in addition to regular screen protectors. Although our phone cases have a raised edge to protect the camera, it's always best to play it safe. Maybe you don't always use a phone case? Then screen protectors are almost a must! Take care of your phone and buy an Screen Protector iPhone 14 Pro today.