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Screenprotector iPhone 15 Plus

iPhone 15 plus Screen Protector

  • Do you tend to drop your phone easily or find it at the bottom of your bag? If the answer is yes, then it's time to pick up an iPhone 15 Plus screen protector. Even if you're the type who's usually careful, you'll never regret having a screen protector, especially when accidents happen. The variants of screen protectors we offer are transparent, with or without a black frame. They're made of a material with a designation of 9H. It stands for the strongest and most durable glass on the market. You should be able to use your phone with confidence, knowing it's safe in your hands. The solution? Invest in a screen protector for the iPhone 15 Plus.

    In addition to our iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors, we have several other products in our lineup. We've crafted products that should complement one another, but you can also mix and match colors if you wish. Buy a phone case in a bold shade or go neutral. It's your call.

  • All our iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors and other products are crafted from vegan materials. At Holdit, we're always striving to enhance our approach to sustainability. It's crucial for both the environment and sustainability to play significant roles in our production and development processes. As a customer, you should always feel secure shopping with us. We're committed to climate-compensated shipping. We're driven by the goal of minimizing our products' carbon footprint.

    Our packaging is crafted from recycled paper with minimal plastic.

    We're also proud partners with various organizations today, including the Rainbow Fund, UN Women Sweden, PETA, and more. Sustainability is a core principle at Holdit.

  • Merge style and functionality with our range of phone straps. Now that you've got both a phone case and an iPhone 15 Plus screen protector, there's no more fear of dropping your device. Easily attach the strap to your phone case. Whether you've got a Slim Case or Seethru case, attaching the loop is a breeze. For silicone cases, we highly recommend using the strap card included in the package. Place it between your phone cover and the device. These straps are beautifully handcrafted with real crystals to match your unique style. Experience the pinnacle of comfort with us.

    We offer free shipping and a delivery timeframe of 2-7 working days. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Holdit and discover your new favorites today!