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Screenprotector iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 Mini Screen Protector

  • Our iPhone 13 Mini Screen Protector is a product you won't regret getting when an accident happens. You often have hindsight and it's not until the accident happens that you wish you had a screen protector. Therefore, it is only right that we already now remind you how important a screen protector is.

  • Replacing a screen on today's mobiles is a very expensive expense. For a fraction of the price, you can instead order home an Screen Protector iPhone 13 Mini from Holdit. We offer both transparent screen protectors and privacy glass. Both variants of screen protectors are made of tempered glass with the designation 9H. This is one of the most durable glasses on the market. The difference between a transparent screen protector and a privacy glass is the transparency of the screen. If you choose a privacy glass, the glass limits the visibility of your screen. Perfect if you're sitting on the train or bus and want to avoid prying eyes.

  • Feel free to take a look at our remaining range of mobile covers and computer cases. Using a mobile phone case and screen protector is the ultimate protection for your mobile phone. We offer a wide range of mobile phone cases in the season's trendiest colors. Find your favorite products and order today. Your order is delivered climate-compensated within 2-7 working days. Shipping is also free.