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Screenprotector iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 pro Screen Protector

  • People often talk about protecting the back of their mobile with the help of a mobile cover. However, we have all experienced the screen of the phone being scratched or, in the worst case, cracking. Changing a screen on an iPhone 13 Pro is very expensive these days. We at Holdit therefore think that it is a better and cheaper option to supplement your mobile phone case with a tempered glass screen protector. Better to be one step ahead and be on the safe side if the accident is a fact.

  • At Holdit, we therefore offer different variants of Screen Protector iPhone 13 Pro. Choose for yourself which type of screen protector suits you and your needs best. Want a screen protector that covers the entire screen and gives an almost invisible result? Or a privacy glass that protects against visibility from the person next to you on the bus? Or why not our latest addition, Anti Blue Light Screen Protector? The screen protector blocks harmful blue light that we are exposed to on the phone. No matter which of the screen protectors you choose, it will protect your screen from scratches and dirt. In addition, all our screen protectors have the designation 9H, which is one of the hardest glasses on the market.

  • With an iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector, the hope is that you will extend the life of your screen and avoid unnecessary repair costs. Don't forget to take a look at our remaining range of trendy mobile covers. By using both a screen protector and a mobile cover, you protect your phone in the absolute best way. If you order a Screen Protector iPhone 13 Pro before 2 p.m., your order will be sent the same day and delivered within 2-7 working days.