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Screenprotector iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Screen Protector

  • How much of your day do you spend with your phone in your hand? A pretty big chunk, if you're like us at Holdit. We've all experienced that feeling when you drop your phone on the ground and it lands on the screen. It's almost like you hardly dare to check if the screen is whole or not. We want to avoid that. Every day, our mobile phones are exposed to a variety of external factors, such as wear and scratches. iPhone 15 Pro screen protector gives you the protection you need. You avoid annoying damage to your mobile screen. A smart investment if you ask us.

    The screen protectors come in several different models and all are made of screen protector material. Fingerprints and stains are prevented as it has a grease-repellent surface. They all have the designation 9H, which stands for the most durable glass on the market. Attaching the screen protector is super easy!

  • Avoid damage to the screen by ordering a screen protector for iPhone 15 Pro today. Our hope is that you will extend the life of your phone and avoid unnecessary repair costs.

    You can be sure that regardless of which screen protector you choose, they are made of strong and durable 9H glass. Your screen will be protected against daily stresses and accidents. Screen protectors for iPhone 15 Pro are also easy to apply and are a perfect match for your phone. Our display protectors are completely vegan, like the rest of our lovely range. Sustainability and reduced climate impact are something we are constantly working on. These are areas that we hold tightly to. We carry this sustainable thinking with us in everything from production to shipping. You who visit Holdit should be able to shop with a clear conscience!

  • You first clean your screen with a supplied wet wipe. Then you simply pull off the plastic around the screen protector when the screen has dried. Keep a gentle grip around all edges and then place the cover where you want it. Now press the center of the screen with your index finger, until the air has disappeared completely and has a smooth surface. Now you and the screen are ready to face the day!

    There are different variants of iPhone 15 Pro screen protectors to choose from. If you want a thin and flexible feel, there are transparent protectors with and without a frame. It covers most of the screen and provides good protection. Order your screen protector for iPhone 15 Pro today!