Mobile Accessories

  • At Holdit, phone accessories are a vital part of life. Phone cases and screen protectors help keep the phone free from scratches. Besides these categories, there are many products that both simplify everyday life and help express your personal style. Here you'll find, among other things, our popular stickers that you can easily stick on your phone case, laptop, mirror, or any other belongings you wish to spruce up. Our stickers adhere with strong tape to ensure they stay in place, but you can easily remove and reposition them as you like.

  • For those who wish to conveniently carry both their phone and wallet as one, we offer two types of cardholders. One type adheres with tape that you can attach to the back of your phone case, and another type with a magnetic feature. Regardless of which type you prefer, you can be sure that the cardholder stays secure. Another popular phone accessory is finger straps. These are attached to the back of the case and serve both as a phone holder and a phone stand when, for example, you want to watch videos. Pair a finger strap with your silicone case for a cohesive feel or discover a new favorite color combination.

  • Holdit places great emphasis on sustainability, and we're proud to offer an entirely vegan product range. A significant portion of our products is also made with recycled materials. Our phone accessories are designed to give your phone case that extra touch. Mix and match the mobile accessories with our other offerings to find the perfect combination for you!