Letter Sticker

  • Stickers are a fun way to spice up your belongings. Put a personal touch on your phone with different Letter Sticker. Here you will find stickers that are perfect for mixing and matching with your different mobile covers. Attach them to your phone, computer or other belongings you want to decorate a little extra. Only the imagination sets the limits. We have stickers in several formats and colors, so that you can show off your style. The latest addition among stickers are letter stickers, i.e. letters. If you were one of those who had your name on the door to the children's room, you will definitely like these. Bring out your creative side and decorate your gadgets to make them more personal. Attach your initials, your name or other words to, for example, your mobile phone, computer, notepad or headphones.

  • The stickers are designed to be compatible with all our phone cases without interfering with wireless charging. All Letter Sticker are attached with strong 3M tape. You can be sure that your stickers will stay in place until you want to replace or move them around. The tape makes it possible to attach stickers to any imaginable surface you want to liven up. They don't leave annoying tape residue, nor do they damage the surfaces you attach them to. However, keep in mind that the more times you remove your stickers, the worse the tape sticks.

  • All our packaging is made from recycled paper and minimal plastic to be as sustainable as possible. In addition, all our stickers are made from 100% vegan materials. At Holdit, we take sustainability seriously and want our products to have as small a climate footprint as possible. You do know that we also offer free shipping and a delivery time of 2-7 working days? In addition, yours, like all our deliveries, is climate compensated. So what are you waiting for? Buy stickers today!