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    Silicone Cases

    All our silicone cases contain 100% recycled PC, and they are also approved by PETA, which means you can own a silicone case with a clear conscience!

    Silicone Cover

  • Here you'll find a wide selection of colorful silicone cases that protect your phone. The mobile cases are made of soft silicone that snugly surrounds all corners, buttons, and edges of your phone. The matte surface has a bit more friction than our TPU cases, making them grip-friendly. This way, you don't have to worry about your mobile phone slipping out of your hand or pocket. Since the case is only 0.8 mm thick, you retain the smooth feeling of not using a mobile case, while being sure to avoid scratches or impact damage. We always strive to use the most durable materials in our products. We're proud to offer a completely vegan products and a large portion of products made with recycled materials.

  • For us at Holdit, color is a big part of life, which is reflected in our entire product range. We have silicone cases in over 20 different shades for you to choose from. Why not view your phone as an accessory and use the mobile case as a way to accentuate your style? A silicone case can both liven up an outfit and create a trendy overall feel. Whether you prefer bold colors or calm and earthy shades, there's guaranteed to be something that suits you at Holdit.

  • In addition to silicone cases, we have more durable TPU cases, which we call Seethru. These come in several trendy and transparent shades. To keep all your belongings in top condition, we also have matching PC sleeves and AirPods cases. These are available both in the Seethru variant and in silicone. If you also purchase a screen protector made of tempered glass, you can be sure that you have given your mobile truly good protection against scratches and other external stresses. Discover silicone cases from Holdit and find your new favorites!