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    Thin Cases

    All our slim cases are made from 100% recycled materials and are GRS-certified, which means you can own a Slim Case with a clear conscience!

    Thin phone case

  • Nowadays, the mobile phone is a given accessory that we often carry with us. Slim Case is the ultimate choice for those who want a thin and hard case. They give you a smooth and light feeling in the hand, but at the same time it protects from unwanted scratches. It covers all edges and corners of the mobile phone. They are made of PC plastic, which is recycled. As we choose to focus on sustainability, we have skipped both lining and metal. It should feel safe to shop with us and wear our thin phone case. All slim case are made from 100% recycled material.

    Our hope is to offer products that make your phone an accessory you want to show off, and that becomes part of your personal style. Holdit has everything you need to keep your phone and mobile accessories stylish and whole.

    One thing is for sure, a nice phone case will make you look professional and trendy. A classic design never goes wrong.

  • Our silicone cases have a soft finish which provides better friction and minimizes the risk of slipping out of your hand or pocket. Our thin phone case is a hard case but also has a matte surface. By using one of our covers, you protect your phone and give it a nice look. It is easy to click the cover onto the phone as it has two slots at the bottom. No matter which case you choose, it's a trend-setting accessory that livens up any outfit.

    Holdit works every day to offer you the best. Trend, sustainability and function are a common thread throughout the company. We make sure to make the best choices when it comes to materials, transport, emissions and gender equality.

  • We love being able to match one's mobile and different accessories together with an outfit. Our thin phone case come in different earthy colors so that you can match in the best way. Choose between a classic black or Forest Green, a lovely moss green colour. In addition to these slim cases, we have a whole range of different types of mobile accessories and accessories. Complete your thin phone case slim with, for example, a computer case, iPad case or Airpods case. Discover new trendy combinations. Let the creativity flow!

    If you order before 2pm on the same day, your order will be sent the same day. The delivery time is 2-7 working days. We work with free shipping and climate-compensated deliveries. Buy your slim case today!