Screen Protector iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Protector

  • Today, the mobile phone is a tool that you use in most of your everyday life. This means that it is exposed to different environments, which in turn increases the risk of unnecessary scratches or cracks in the screen. We therefore recommend you to use our iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector. With a broken display comes unnecessary service costs, we don't want that, so you should invest in a good screen protector. You will find several different models of display protection at Holdit!

    It's easy to have hindsight, and it's only when the accident happens that you realize you should have protected your phone better. Our hope is that with an iphone 15 pro max screen protector, extend the life of your screen. You don't have to worry unnecessarily and can easily put the mobile in your bag or pocket, without scratches occurring. Few people appreciate a scratched mobile screen or corners that are cracked.

  • You can easily wipe the screen with the supplied napkin. Then remove the protective plastic from the screen protector. Then place the cover on your phone and gently press from the center outwards towards the edge. Simple and flexible! If you are unsure, there are also instructions on the back of the packaging.

    We have different variants of screen protectors. If you want an almost invisible protection, the transparent is the right one for you. Or you can use a screen protector with a black border, which covers your entire screen. All screen protectors iphone 15 pro max are made of glass with a designation 9H. It stands for one of the most durable glasses on the market.

  • Screen protector iPhone 15 Pro Max are not the only thing we have, but also mobile covers with a stylish design. We have different options for mobile rooms. Silicone cases, transparent seethru cases as well as the hard cases, Slim Case. These are available in a variety of colors, so choose your favorite. Your phone not only gets a lift, but now has a completed protection on the front and back. Discover our remaining range of different accessories to get a complete look! Such as airpods, laptop cases or letter stickers.

    You can be confident that you have made a good choice, regardless of which product you choose from Holdit. Our entire range is vegan. Sustainability is something we take very seriously and we are constantly working to be able to offer the most environmentally friendly options. Order an iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen protector. We always have climate-compensated deliveries and free shipping. Within 2-7 days you will have your order delivered.