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Screenprotector Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • Extend the life of your phone by protecting the screen with a Samsung S22 Ultra Screen Protector. The screen protector is made of tempered glass and protects your mobile from scratches and other damage. The surface is anti-grease and minimizes fingerprints and stains. The advantages of a Screen Protector Samsung s22 Ultra from Holdit are that you can easily apply it to the phone, it is ultra-thin and of course, it covers completely. The screen protector has a black frame that protects every inch of your screen. The screen protector is made of tempered glass with the designation 9H, one of the strongest glasses on the market. The Screen Protector Samsung S22 Ultra is a perfect choice to keep your screen in mint condition.

  • To protect your phone in a good way, we always recommend having a screen protector but also a mobile cover. Buy a Screen Protector Samsung s22 ultra and a silicone case to protect your entire phone in the absolute best way. The silicone shell, which is one of our top products, is available in several different colors. Choose between colorful and neutral colors. Is a silicone shell not your thing? No worries, we also offer classic wallet cases for Samsung S22 Ultra.

  • Don't miss our remaining range of products for your phone or accessories. There are mobile accessories such as card holders, wallet cases and stickers. Our stickers, which we have chosen to call stickers, are available in several different colors and expressions. Find your favorite and get a personal touch on your phone case. Or why not put several stickers on your laptop case. The choices are many. Mix and match just the way you want. We care about the planet and we always strive to improve our products. Our entire range is of course 100% vegan and also approved by PETA. We always offer climate-compensated shipping