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Screenprotector Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung S23 Ultra Tempered Glass

  • This screen protector is made of durable and stretched 9H glass, which means that your Samsung S23 Ultra is protected against any scratches and damage that may occur on the screen. Screen Protector Samsung S23 Ultra is a glass with a black frame that extends towards the edge of the screen to provide the best possible protection. Investing in a good screen protector for your mobile phone is definitely a cheaper option than expensive repair costs on your mobile phone. We can probably agree that there are more fun things to spend your money on.

    Other benefits of this screen protector include:

    - Easy to apply

    - Grease-repellent surface treatment

    - Only 0.33mm thick

  • Before applying your Samsung S23 Ultra Screen Protector to your mobile phone, make sure to wipe the screen thoroughly so that no dirt or dust gets stuck between the glass and the screen. You can do this most easily with the supplied cleaning cloth. On the back of our screen protectors' outer packaging, you will find a description of how to mount your new screen protector correctly. This is to reduce the risk of air bubbles between the cover and the mobile screen.

    The Samsung S23 Ultra screen Screen Protector is definitely an important product even if it's not great fun to look at. Here you can easily make your mobile phone a little more fun by checking out our remaining range. Where we have everything from mobile covers in the latest trendy color to fun stickers to get a more personal style.

  • We also climate compensate our shipping and ensure that your package arrives within 2-7 working days. Here at Holdit, we always offer free delivery when you buy a Screen Protector Samsung S23 Ultra. All our products are 100% vegan. At Holdit, we constantly try to work with sustainable and environmental work in order to contribute to a better climate and a slightly better world. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service to get an answer.